Retail & E-Commerce

Due to advancements in technology and significant growth in the popularity and adoption of E-commerce and other online retail options, retail is no longer limited to just brick-and-mortar stores. With increased consumer demand and competitors generated through this new channel, in order to remain operational and competitive retailers must make sure their supply chains are fully optimized and performing in the most cost-effective manner. Consumer demand is also everchanging, with customers looking for the best retail experience while pursuing product variants offering them the best value. To ensure that that your supply chain is prepared for anticipated demand fluctuations and is operating to its fullest potential, Lagrange.AI provides pre-built optimization and simulation functions allowing for what-if analysis and network optimization. By creating a digital twin of your supply chain with real-time automated data processing, we can simulate the most optimized network and policies for your business, as well provide as accurate and timely scenario planning and demand forecasting, ensuring that you always maintain your competitive advantage.


Reduction in
lost sales


Increase in direct
cost-to-serve savings


Reduction in
operational expenses